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Write About Now Books is an independent publishing company established in 2017. We introduced our first My Story Keepsake (MSK) character and fully illustrated book, Ashley Loves Blue, in 2017. To date, Write About Now Books has introduced 9 main MSK characters and published 17 children’s storybooks as well as a collection volume from the MSK debut book line.


From the start, Write About Now Books set out to design a children’s book line that was more than kid-friendly stories with fun graphics. With that aspiration, the MSK children’s book line was created with the deliberate intention of offering every child the chance to become the main character. That’s why the characters of MSK storybooks have fun adventures that include a wide variety of behaviors and emotions that meet the diversity of children around the world.


Write About Now Books is continuously working and developing new story ideas and illustrations to bring the MSK character family to life. Our publishing goal is to release a minimum of 8 new titles every year. We are in year 3 and so far we have met our goal. 


Additionally, soon, Write About Now Books will offer new unique book lines targeting different age groups, of different interests, and genres including fairytales and science fiction. For now, Write About Now Books exclusively publishes MSK children's books dedicated to increasing the book line and entertaining children everywhere through neverending imagination and play.

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