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About Us 


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My Story Keepsake (MSK) titles are personalized books you and your child will cherish for a lifetime.


How it works:


Each MSK book is designed to exchange your child's name and image with the main character. 

This is how your child becomes the main character of MSK books.


                       All MSK books are originally written and designed by the Write About Now team.


They are new, fresh, and relevant fun stories written with children's interest, funny moments, and personalities in mind. Moreover, most importantly children will experience their name, no matter how unique, in fictional stories starring them!



So, how will the MSK book feature your child as the main character?

  • 1st - You decide which character will portray your child by choosing a title.

  • 2nd - You provide the spelling of your child’s name and at least one (1) image (three to five (3-5) are preferred, five (5) max).

    • (Note: The images you provide matters! The cleaner, brighter, the better. Please note image layout depends on the quality of the photo. No copyrighted images are accepted).

  • 3rd - We, the Write About Now team, will customize your chosen title and make your child the main character in their book. 


What’s included in your customized book?  Your child’s Name and Image.

  1. Your child’s NAME replaces the MAIN CHARACTER’S name throughout the entire book.

  2. Your child’s NAME is included in Cover Title.

  3. Your child’s IMAGE is added to the Cover Art.

  4. Your child’s IMAGE is included in the Intro Page (alongside the replacement of the cartoon character).

  5. Your child’s NAME and IMAGE appears on Feature Page.


Additional customization is offered (additional fee required):

  • Each book offers three predetermined character swaps.

    • The swap is the replacement of the cartoon character's face with your child's IMAGE (Face Only).

    • There are three (3) swap pages per book.

  • For more customization or if you have any questions for the Write About Now books team, please contact us.




Other tidbits:

  • Each MSK book has 15 story pages.

  • All MSK books are offered in 3 formats: Medium Hardback, Tall Hardback, & Tall Paperback.

  • Each MSK book can be purchased as is (without customization, i.e., if you like the book with the original characters, you can buy it with original characters - see MSK shop).


That's it!

Congratulations! Your child has become the main character, the star, of his or her own, one of a kind book!


Sample customized book

(The above sample includes an optional image insert which is an additional fee. All MSK titles include 3 images)

Looking for the original story? The e-book and paperback are available via Amazon! Click here to get your copy today!