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About Us 


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Every My Story Keepsake (MSK) title is written and illustrated for personalization.


How it Works:


Each MSK book is designed to easily swap your child's name in place of the main character’s name, to add your child’s image on the cover, and to put your child’s name throughout the book in place of the main character. This is how we personalize the MSK book and make your child the star of his or her very own book. The MSK storybooks are new, fresh fun stories written with children's current interest, funny moments, and personalities in mind. When MSK storybooks are customized or personalized, children experience their name, no matter how unique the spelling, as the starring character in fictional stories featuring them.


How to order a personalized MSK book?


Step 1:

Contact us directly by phone (240) 713-4000), by email (, or via our website click here.

Step 2:

Choose any MSK title to purchase for customization. Click here for available titles.


Step 3:

Provide your child’s name (spelling is required). The name is for the title and the internal pages.


Step 4:

Provide an image of your child. Headshots preferred. No copyrighted images. The image is used to replace the "head or face" of the main character on the Cover and if insert images are ordered. If a full image is provided, only the "head or face" will be used.


Step 5:

Optional: Image Inserts: Determine if you would like image inserts. This is an additional cost. Headshots preferred. No copyrighted images. If a full image is provided, only the "head or face" will be used. The headshot is used to replace 3 of the main character's "head or face" images within the story pages.

Note about Photo/Image: The quality of the headshot or photos you provide matters. The clearer and brighter the photo, the better the print result. The image/photo layout depends on the quality of the photo received. Please, no copyrighted images.


Personalized Custom Edition MSK storybooks Features and Examples:


  1. A minimum of 15 story pages (illustrations or text).

  2. Are delivered in Tall (8.5x11) Hardback with laminated covers.

  3. Your child’s name and photo as follows:

  • Name: The MSK main character's name is replaced with your child's name throughout the entire book. Example: Ashley (the MSK character) will become Alexandra (the child's name)


  • Cover: Your child’s name replaces or is added to the Cover Title (title dependent). Example: Ashley Loves Blue will become Alexandra Loves Blue


  • Cover Photo/Image: Your child’s photo is added to the Cover Art. Example: On the cover, the MSK character's (Ashley) face will be replaced with your child's (Alexandra) face (headshot photo).


  • Introduction Page: Your child’s photo (as received) is included in the Intro Page next to the MSK character of the storybook. Example: Both Ashley (the MSK character) and Alexandra (the child) will appear on the Introduction Page which is prior to page 1 of the storybook.


  • Feature Page: Your child’s name and image (as received) will be on the exclusive Feature Page. Example: The Feature Page will read Featuring Alexandra in Alexandra Loves Blue with Alexandra's photo framed beneath the storybook title. This page follows the end or last page of the storybook.


More customization options are available (additional fees are required).

For more information, please contact us by phone (240) 713-4000, by email (,

or via our website contact us page (click here).

Sample of Personalized MSK Storybook

MSK personalized custom edition (The above sample includes an optional image insert which is an additional fee. All storybook titles include 3 images)

MSK e-book and paperback storybooks are available here or via Amazon!

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