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Welcome to the My Story Keepsake (MSK) children’s storybook collection.


Meet My Story Keepsake Characters!

Ashley C1, Xander C1, Jenny C2, Tomas C2, Lilou C3, Mathis C3, Sophina C4, Tonie C4, and Baby Buddy

Does your child enjoy exploring new ideas, camping, fishing, water parks, go-kart racing, music, and more? Then they will love reading My Story Keepsake storybooks and sharing in the adventures and antics of the MSK characters.


Each MSK storybook is an original, fun-filled adventure with fully illustrated pages your child is sure to enjoy. The MSK children’s storybook collection consists of 9 adorable characters with big personalities that experience a variety of fun and exciting activities. Whether the MSK child is helping mom and dad clean up in order to throw a sleep-over, is experimenting with goofy recipes, is super excited about a long-awaited day at the pool, or getting ready for the go-kart speedway, MSK storybooks always involve action-packed pursuits in fun environments your child will enjoy reading again and again.


The MSK story page illustrations are fun as well. The artwork depicts, in a comical and funny fashion, the written story, thus encouraging new, young readers to enjoy the world of imagination and storytelling.


There are a total of 9 main characters in the MSK collection including 8 adorable kids, 4 boys (Xander, Mathis, Tomas, Tonie) and 4 girls (Ashley, Lilou, Jenny, Sophina), and a baby simply named Baby Buddy. Moms and dads, grandma and granddad and so many more are also represented in the MSK storybooks.


Each MSK book is originally written with two ideas in mind: 1) complement the personalities of kids, and 2) create a story in which your child can become the main character.


That’s right. Your child can become the main character of any MSK title!


Put your child in his or her very own story and create a memorable gift for life. Remember, every MSK storybook is written and illustrated with the young reader in mind so it is easy to exchange the main character’s name and image for your child to be the star. Explore our ever-growing collection to discover stories that fit your child's unique character or interest. 


Give us a call at (240) 713-4000. We are happy to walk you through the process to make your child the main character in a personalized, custom edition MSK storybook title. Or, click How It Works.


For a glimpse at how its done, check out the sample of personalized covers below or click here for the Personalized Covers Gallery.


Remember, whether you want to read a fun story with fun images or create a personalized, custom edition MSK book, MSK storybooks are a great gift.

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